You have to see this bush baby seeing a ball bounce for the first time! Watch his mind be blown!

Bush Baby Plays with Ball

Bush baby first time seeing a bouncy ball

Posted by Daily Picks and Flicks on Friday, May 26, 2017

Surprising Facts About Bush Babies

  1. They mark their territory by peeing on their hands and spreading their scent wherever they jump.

2. Some bush babies can jump as much as 15 ft. in a single leap due to their powerful back leg muscles.

3. Their bat-like ears allow them to track insects in the dark and catch them in mid-flight.

4. They have evolved to become nocturnal, most likely to avoid competition with larger species.

5. Bush babies live in Africa, and they are one of the world’s smallest primates, usually weighing less than 1lb.

6. They can have different colored fur in much the same way people can have different colored hair.

7. They get their name because of the loud noises they make that sound like crying babies.

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